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Jim's sometime strength is also his main weakness—a belief in institution over process. Corrupt process often leads to a corrupt result, and faith in institutions is meaningless at that point. Barr will find what he wants to find, because he's corrupt. Comey's faith is misplaced.

1/ When it was clear the NYC field office of the FBI had engaged in a corrupt investigative process that involved numerous leaks to the media in October 2016, Jim minimized it in order to protect the institution. Barr is doing the same—he's just protecting a different institution

2/ What we need are people willing to safeguard the processes that give our institutions meaning—not just the institutions themselves. It's incredibly naive to invite investigation of the investigators when the investigators of the investigators are corrupt. Jim should know this.

3/ You don't safeguard an institution by having it run through a corrupt process over and over, you safeguard institutions by rooting out the corrupt people within them and by restoring the sanctity of the processes that made them great. Or—as necessary—improving those processes.

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