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Research suggests parental alcohol abuse may be associated with the physical or sexual abuse of children. Second, the experience of being abused as a child may increase a person’s risk for alcohol-related problems as an adult. So this is pretty irresponsible advertising.

2. Majority of Americans don’t drink or have <1 drink/week. So wine makers target moms, with brands like Mommy’s Timeout, Mom Juice that associate wine with stress relief, to not only boost binge drinking among women but to also expose their children to wine (future customers).

3. Sadly this targeting is working.
Among women 25-34, one in five admits to frequent binge drinking, or consuming four or more drinks at once, per CDC. Research shows binge drinking also increases risk of breast cancer and other forms of cancer in women.

4. Binge drinking behaviors were associated with up to a 50% increase in breast cancer risk (especially higher risk of developing breast cancer due to their family history of the disease) relative to low-average drinking. 

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