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Reminder, Miguel Bezos, the Cuban immigrant who adopted Jeff Bezos came to US at 16, spoke no English, yet managed to land a job as an engineer at Exxon in Texas, raised Jeff and put him through Princeton University and even helped fund Amazon in its early years.

2. Point is, with low taxes, free, quality K-12 education, and a booming economy, most American citizens are already well-ahead of many countries in terms of job prospects. If you pick a career wisely, you can emerge with little to no student debt.

3. At the rate at which tech is advancing, many won’t need a college degree to make a difference while generating absurd wealth, as Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, Mark Zuckerberg, Jan Koum, Lady Gaga, have proven. Now more than ever, proof of ability >> degree.

4. Starting salary for an engineer in US is 50% more than in Japan. US doctors make 50%-100% more than doctors in Canada/Norway/Sweden/Denmark/Finland + pay less in taxes. So if you have kids, steer them wisely into careers that pay 💰- key to quickly vanquishing student debt.

Tech billionaires who were college dropouts:

Bill Gates (Microsoft co-founder)
Larry Ellison (Oracle founder)
Jack Dorsey (Twitter co-founder)
Ev Williams (Twitter co-founder)
Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook co-founder)
Steve Jobs (Apple co-founder)
Michael Dell (Dell founder)

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