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Impeach Gorsuch
Impeach Thomas
Impeach Alito
Impeach Roberts
Impeach Kavanaugh

The same way it was possible for Republicans to get a panel of authoritarian christo-fascists on the court: work at it, never stop, never compromise, and ignore the complaints of the opposition.

It’s possible if we want it to be possible.

It’s constitutional if we say it’s constitutional. We The People. Our rules.

And if they want to play calvinball then ok let’s play.

We WILL make a country that cares about people more than profit, centered on equality not supremacy. For those that oppose: we don’t need their permission, or their advice or approval, or anything from them except to live peacefully in the kinder world we’ll make and they’ll fear

If two players play a game, that game has rules only to the extent that both players agree they exist.

If we play soccer, and I start using my hands, and I hire referees that will let me use my hands, then we aren't playing soccer any more.

The old rules no longer exist.

The old rules no longer exist, even if we think the old rules were better and we'd rather play with those rules.

The only way to get the old rules to come back is to find players willing to abide by them, and referees willing to enforce them.

Imagine we kept playing soccer, using only our feet, while the other team was carrying the ball like a football.

And also calling every handball on us. Flopping for the crowd. Complaining to the referees.

We're not playing soccer anymore.

Imagine if every Democrat used every tool at their disposal to keep any Republican from appointing any judge again, ever.

The Republicans would accuse them of obstruction. So what? They Republicans ALREADY do exactly what I propose, AND accuse Democrats of obstruction.

If we want our beloved game and our beloved rules back, we're going to have to stop playing with the assholes who won't agree to the rules.

It's that simple.

No we won't play the game with you. We'll play your game with you, only to the extent that we must.

I think we have to elect Democrats who understand this truth, and we need to primary ones who don't, and we need to systemically remove every Republican we can from power, and then we need to use that power to remove the rest. And keep them out.

Is what I think we need to do.

And if you think I think this means advocating a one-party system, than you haven't noticed that Democrats are already three different parties, at least.

So get those majorities. Use the majorities to effect what changes you can to get supermajorities. Use executive power to circumvent the Senate and create a scenario in which the Senate can be taken. Get the Senate and go to town.

And not one more god damned Republican judge.

Once you have all that, make a law that makes it illegal for former or current Republicans to hold any office anywhere. Then make an arbitrary exception for Elizabeth Warren.

They'll call Dems demons and traitors and Constitution-shredders. Which they already do.

So screw 'em.

Do I want all of these things? Eh. This is less a policy proposal and more a spiritual call.

What I want is that energy. I want opposition leaders that realize that when somebody refuses to play the game by the rules, you refuse to play the game with them.

That's what I want.

And by the way, if we fight them by refusing to play the game they've already abandoned, then maybe we actually get our rules back, and maybe we make a livable world

Bit if we keep trying to play w/them, we've seen what they intend to do

They've sharpened a stick at both ends.

And also I want all of those things.

The Republicans are political party whose central purpose is the failure of an egalitarian democracy. We have no path to a functional government until they’re gone and we should start behaving as though we understand that reality.

Breaking the law is not a prerequisite to impeachment, though I think Thomas and especially Kavanaugh warrant investigation.

But that's window dressing; they've turned SCOTUS into a radicalized arm of a single political party. Impeach.

You want soccer?

You're not going to get it by pretending you're still playing soccer.

Look at this.

Not one more vote for a Republican judge at any level.

And I mean ever.

Never again.

Any Democrat voting for any Republican appointee should trigger an immediate and successful primary challenge.

And in before "That will make us just as bad as them."


A pilot refusing to negotiate with a hijacker is not just as bad as a hijacker refusing to negotiate with a pilot.

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