Eric Garland @ericgarland Strategic intelligence analyst. Want to learn more about Trump-Russia? Check out Game Theory Today. May. 29, 2019 1 min read

Attorney: Any foreign national can call themselves "journalist" and then conspire to hack the Pentagon, steal classified info, not face the law. 

These arguments not only show a reckless disregard for national security, they not only ignore the most basic tenets of jurisprudence - they make no sense at all.

1. Why should foreign nationals get U.S. Constitutional protections while on the lam dodging rape charges?

2. In the age of digital media, anyone can call themselves a journalist with no credentials or experience. So now anyone can write an "article" for Blorp dot com and SHAZAM - now they can steal NSA files without facing the law?

3. Since the standard is therefore totally subjective - any journalist who the thinks the public should know something can steal from the gov't - why stop there, legally?

SHAZAM I'm a journalist! Now, I'll break into your house, steal your tax returns and publish them!

"Hey man, I thought the public had a right to know, I'm a journalist, and breaking & entering shouldn't apply, because First Amendment. Oh, I also took some pics of your wife in the shower. I thought I had a journalistic obligation there as well."

They need to prosecute the hell out of Assange, Snowden, AND the journalists who recently took stolen defense information from the U.S. Treasury. Otherwise, the precedent will be that any one of 7 billion people can SHAZAM themselves a journalist and harm national security.

Because Assange isn't a journalist - and he's not an American. So we're opening the gates to ANYBODY on Earth. There is no standard for the journalistic profession; the entire group fail to do basic fact checks or apply ethics anymore. And now we're exempting them from the law.

The only people who would benefit from this insane standard that so many are braying in concert: America's enemies. They'd love to steal every defense secret we've got and have their agents immune from the law.

It's shameful to see so many Americans advocate for them. </>

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