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A key person who can help tone down some of the Hindu nationalist rhetoric is Saudi crown prince MbS - he recently visited India and has good relations with Modi. India relies heavily on Saudi Arabia for remittances, which have lifted tens of millions of Indians out of poverty.

2. When MbS visited India in February, Modi broke protocol and personally received him at the airport. “A new chapter in bilateral relations," Raveesh Kumar, spokesman for the Foreign Ministry, posted on Twitter. Saudi Arabia is India’s top supplier of oil. 

3. Saudis are investing billions of dollars in India’s infrastructure, including in ports and highways, bolstering key campaign promises by Modi. Modi later said he asked MbS to release 850 Indians held in Saudi prisons for various crimes. 

4. UAE, Qatar and Kuwait are other Muslim majority nations that can have a moderating influence on India’s political environment. India receives tens of billions of dollars in remittances each year from Indian citizens working tax free in these countries.

5. UAE (where many Indians have become billionaires) might be the greatest melting pot in the Middle East: Home to 210 nationalities, 40 churches, 700 Christian ministries, including Evangelical. Indian PM Modi recently broke ground for a new temple here.

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