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Corporate debt is at an all time high. A lot of it just goes to dividends/buybacks, which is zero true value and pure financial engineering to shareholders.

Public companies have so much access to capital BUT they have too few good ideas to execute on! 

Yet we look around and there are problems everywhere in society that can and should be solved by private enterprise

Where is the disconnect? Big firms actually struggle with talent recruiting, retention and management

Corporations rely on an antiquated 20th century playbook 📖

It’s no wonder tech has become more dominant than ever. Tech is creating new tools to manage and deploy capital while everyone else is just using resumes still.

The result?

New credentialing is the future of work. Not what university you went to. Not how smart you were at age 17.

How good an engineer are you right now? Triplebyte will tell in hours and get you a job.

Apple uses Triplebyte, but soon every company will too 

Tech and software coming to eat every other firm’s revenue in a relentless way

If you can’t build tech yourself, then it is buy or die now. Which is why late adopter industries like retail/grocers now MUST partner with startups like @Instacart and @standardAI — it’s existential

In 2019 new business activity=yield, the best of which is unlocked through new tech: apps, digital acquisition, workflow automation, new marketplaces, new consumer behavior

Everything else is just 20th century financial engineering (dividends/buybacks)

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