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Here's '10 Things To See In Vienna (That You May Have Missed)', since it won yesterday's poll. Hope you enjoy these suggestions for a *very* unique city!

10. Augustinerkirche & Ungarisches Haus - The former Augustinian monastery church (and Habsburg family church) is a sight to behold. Look for the epic cenotaph tomb to Duchess Maria, who had a doomed relationship with Isabella of Parma.

10a. Also try to get access to the crypt, containing the hearts of many Habsburgs in urns.

The house across is the street is the former residence of Elizabeth Bathory, the 'Blood Countess' who tortured her servants.

9. Cafe Schwarzenberg - There are many cafes in Vienna - the city is famous for the very particular way they do things. Many of the very popular cafes always have a queue - this place doesn't, but still has the lavish furnishings and immaculate service.

8. Virgilkapelle - Accessible through the Stephansdom U-Bahn station, this is the excavated remnant of a medieval funerary chapel. Incredibly atmospheric and with a cool little museum attached.

7. Römer Museum Wien - Long before Vienna was Vienna, it was the Roman fort Vindobona, a base during the Marcomannic wars. In fact, Marcus Aurelius died here! Unique museum showing the history of the fort, and excavated remains of officer's quarters.

6.  Wiener Kriminalmuseum - In addition to cafes, the Viennese do crime differently. They're a messed up bunch for sure, based on this place. Lots of crazy punishment tools, murder weapons and, yes, bits of criminals. A bit NSFW, but by no means dumb.

5. Secession - This unique 'jugendstil' building was built in the 19th century as a showcase for the new wave of artists establishing themselves in Vienna. The exterior is fantastic, and there's terrific murals inside, along with showcase of local artists.

4. Deutschordenhaus - The local headquarters of the Teutonic Knights (and eventual sole hq), the museum here contains the treasures of the order gathered over 500+ years. Many knights are buried in the chapel, and you can also stay here!

3. Ruprechtskirche - Vienna's oldest standing church, dedicated to Rupert, the patron saint of salt traders (once a thriving trade in town). Beautifully ancient, simple church, with a suprise bejeweled 'saint' in the corner!  https://maps.app.goo.gl/3P9C4ix81TJMWQUy9 

2. Pestsaule - Vienna has long been ravaged by plague. This column was erected in the mid 17th century to give thanks for the lifting of a particularly nasty outbreak, by Emperor Leopold I. Incredibly ornate.  https://maps.app.goo.gl/xDYy2DzRhyBupgSi6 

1. Kaisergruft - Resting place of many famous Habsburgs, including Maria Theresia and the tragic 'Sisi'. Some of the baroque caskets are truly massive and insanely detailed (and macabre)!  https://maps.app.goo.gl/HgFqiNHZXcSUg4C78 

Hope you enjoyed that. Always open to suggestions and themes for threads, and if you like them, please let me know! /FIN

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