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It's not the comment many expect me to make right now but after writing the book I just did I can tell you what we'll be saying about the Mueller probe years from now is how shockingly narrow its scope was and how beneficial to Trump it was that none of us realized it at the time

1/ Last night I finished the chapter on the Mueller Report, and there's a paragraph in which I list all the key figures in the story of Trump being bribed, aiding and abetting crimes, and selling U.S. foreign policy who aren't mentioned once by Mueller and the list is dozens long

2/ That's no criticism of Mueller—what I'm saying is that once we learned his report would include no counterintelligence findings, no info on his 14 referred cases, no info on any foreign country but Russia, and no grand jury testimony, it changed what we had any right to expect

3/ I don't want to be tweeting this, as I'd rather just publish this 500-page book with nearly 4,000 endnotes that conclusively explains what Trump did and with whom, using the best investigative reporting from all around the world, but books have to be copy-edited and formatted

4/ But here's what I can say: for two years, media told us all the investigative inquiries Mueller was making, and the list was staggering in size; at some point people are going to realize virtually none of any of that showed up in the Mueller Report—but not because it was wrong

5/ I understand that to those who haven't paid much attention to this story, it seems impossible a report as large and complex as the Mueller Report could be only a fraction of the investigation of this president, but anyone dedicated to research on this topic will tell you that

6/ I also understand that threads like this are frustrating to both me and to those who haven't done the research I'm speaking of, to whom it seems I'm seeking some sort of silver lining rather than trying to tell people that what we're witnessing today is a fraction of the whole

7/ I don't like suddenly discovering that this medium isn't the right venue for a story of the size this story turned out to be, and I've considered just going silent until the book comes out in August, when you can all see I meant exactly what I said, and fully sourced all of it

8/ I can't recall anyone of any seriousness ever accusing Trump of participating in a statutory conspiracy with the Internet Research Agency or the GRU in advance of the crimes committed by those entities, and yet ultimately that's nearly all Mueller looked at besides obstruction

9/ I think it's great that we've built up a large class of legal/national security analysts to talk about Mueller, in fact I follow/RT many of them, but their volume hides the fact that very few of them have done research into this staggeringly complex story beyond their analyses

10/ The result is that even though all I did was curate hundreds of investigative reports from around the world going back decades, I seem to be claiming I have some special knowledge that others don't have and that rightly seems not credible even though it's not what's happening

11/ What I'm saying is that we're at the very beginning of all this, and those who tell you that we are at the very end have an agenda, and that I will back up what I am saying with a book as large in scope and as fully sourced as the Mueller Report and do so in August /end

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