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Thread: Mueller’s press conference gave the lie to Barr’s statements about the SCO not being bound by DOJ policy. It was very bad for Trump and Bill Barr. It presages both future prosecutions of Trump and of the AG. It blames Russia, and, crucially, it blames Wikileaks.

There is nothing Mueller can say about his report. He did not authorize Barr’s redactions. If Nadler insists on testimony, it should be private and concern only the letters exchanged with Barr. Mueller knows what indictments are under seal. He is content to rest there.

Mueller was absolutely adamant that @Wikileaks coordinated with the GRU. All Team Trump prosecutions will flow from their collusion with Wikileaks after Wikileaks conspiracy with the GRU is proven. This is Chelsea Manning’s Grand Jury, and the Mystery Witness case.

United States vs Wikileaks, et al. And the fact Team Trump conspired with Wikileaks is *already* in Mueller’s report. Once the collusion with the GRU is proven, so is Trump-Russia collusion. Mueller damned both Barr’s “inquiry” into the FBI and Trump’s defense of Putin. Lastly...

...It is now time to begin the impeachment of Trump. Mueller just said, in terms, that the remedy for a sitting President’s criminal conduct is impeachment. Barr lied about Mueller’s motive not to charge Trump. Impeachment hearings can be lengthy, but they should now commence.

PS: Mueller did *not* say Trump is not indicted under seal: indeed it is now clear as day Presidents can be indicted, as Barr lied that Mueller “should have” made a charging decision. Mueller described DOJ policy that, by regulation, bound him specifically as a Special Counsel.

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