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NY is poised to certify touchscreen ballot marking devices that put voters’ selections into an unverifiable barcode & can’t be reliably audited. The vendor, ES&S, has donated $30K to the GOP.

Pls attend #ElectionSecurityActionNY on June 6 to protest! #BanBarcodeVoting 1/

We will sell these tee-shirts and buttons at the event. 2/

Please RSVP to #ElectionSecurityActionNY via . The event is at 11 AM in Albany, New York. We will provide transportation from NYC and back that day. 3/

4/ The ES&S ExpressVote XL, which the New York State Election Board is expected to certify on June 6 (unless our protest stops them) is a #BarcodeVoting system. Here is an article about the dangers of such systems. 

5/ The ES&S ExpressVote XL is also a “hybrid” voting system. Experts say such systems can be hacked to add fake votes to machine-marked paper ballots after they are cast. Paper ballots are safe only if marked by hand, not by a hackable machine. 

6/ ES&S’s $30K in donations to the GOP are discussed in the articles in posts 4 and 5.

7/ ES&S is America’s largest vendor. ES&S’s founder, Bob Urosevich, hired a convicted embezzler to program voting machines for another vendor (Global Election Systems, later renamed Diebold Election Systems) that ES&S acquired in 2009. 

8/ ES&S, which wants NY to certify its dangerous barcode hybrid voting system, admitted last year (after initial denials) that it has installed remote access software in election management systems in 300 jurisdictions it refuses to identify. 

9/ Diebold reportedly did the same. 

10/ “Election-management systems are.. critical: they sit in county election offices and contain software that in some counties is used to program all the voting machines used in the county; the systems also TABULATE FINAL RESULTS aggregated from [the county] voting machines.”

11/ People often wonder how it would be possible for a corrupt insider to alter vote tallies across a large number of counties. Installation of remote access software in election management systems & county or state tabulators would be one simple way to do this.

12/ Another would be to have precincts send vote tallies to the county or state tabulators via cellular modem and then use a small cell tower simulator, such as a Stingray, to intercept those vote tallies. This is called a “man-in-the-middle attack.” 

13/ Sure enough, ES&S installed cellular modems in its DS200 precinct scanners in FL, Wisconsin, & Illinois starting in 2015. These are just the states in which advocates were able to discover the cellular modems on their own. There may well be others. 

14/ Meanwhile...

15/ Do not make the mistake of ASSUMING New York will do the right thing here. If we do not show up en masse, it will likely do the WRONG thing and certify these new and dangerous barcode hybrid systems from ES&S, despite ES&S’s shady history. 

16/ From 2018: 

17/ The head of the New York City Board of Elections is Mike Ryan. “NY1 uncovered last year that he had been sitting on a secretive advisory board for [ES&S],” which “paid for him to take trips across the country, attending so-called conferences.” 

18/ New York State should not even consider certifying more ES&S equipment after ES&S reportedly “misled NYC” about its ballot scanners and “their weakness to humidity.” 

19/ But it is. Please help us stop this train wreck by attending #ElectionSecurityActionNY. We, the voters, are democracy’s last defense. Thanks. #HandMarkedPaperBallots #BanBarcodeVoting #BanHybridVoting

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