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The most enraging part is that I can't help but want to *argue* with this. And I see dozens of people online arguing with it. But it's NOT AN ARGUMENT. This isn't meant to convince anyone. It's the kind of open gaslighting that attends a brute assertion of power. Period.

Getting libs all worked up into a frenzy, writing their outraged think pieces, is part of the fun for these guys. Libs think all their documentation & citations & precedents & arguments matter. McConnell knows it's all shadow-boxing, a waste of time & energy, & it amuses him.

I keep saying it: McConnell & the GOP are like a shark, always moving forward. They will pursue partisan victory at the expense of any norm, any principle, any consequence. Arguments - principles & persuasion - are *utterly beside the point*. Only power will stop it.

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