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Pretty much ALL well-known cybersecurity and election experts say it would be “impossible” to HAND COUNT elections in the US. But I’m aware of no studies or detailed factual analysis supporting this claim. And they actually DO hand count in many counties in NH. 1/

2/ Thread.

3/ I know there’s a concern about the length of US ballots (compared to countries that hand count their elections). But NH’s ballot is apparently average in length. It defies logic to say that hand counting would be impossible when NH already does it.

4/ I very much admire and respect @rad_atl. But I also very much worry that there seems to be no factual basis for the assumption that hand counting would be impossible. He is far from the only expert to make this assumption. As I said, pretty much ALL of them do.

5/ And experts like @rad_atl are on the “right side” in fighting for #HandmarkedPaperBallots, as opposed to the machine-marked barcoded kind from hackable Ballot marking devices.

6/ This is why I felt I had to shift my emphasis from hand counting to hand marking or risk making NO progress at all. I could not find not a single well-known expert willing to come out in favor of hand counting. Not one.

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