Jennifer Cohn @jennycohn1 Election security advocate & writer; attorney; Contributor @WhoWhatWhy, @NYRDaily #HandMarkedPaperBallots #ProtectOurVotes 🆘 May. 30, 2019 1 min read

Dear @SpeakerPelosi: Knowledge is power. If it weren’t, Trump & the GOP would not go to such lengths to suppress it. Your number one goal right now should be to inform the public as to what happened in 2016 with hacked election “networks” & “websites,” ... 1/ explain specifically how voting machine vendors have made our votes vulnerable to hacking, and to explain specifically what must be done to correct this. 2/

Douse Trump in as much sunlight as possible too. An informed electorate can help the country survive this presidency and win in 2020. An uninformed electorate can’t do much of anything. 3/

And if the Democrats now find themselves in a position where they cannot withstand the sunlight themselves, then it’s time to encourage the old guard to step down and to replace them with newcomers who can still survive the light of day. 4/

Sunshine disinfects, and our country has never been in more need of disinfecting. Please do whatever it takes to make it happen. Thank you. 5/

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