Oh, thank God, I thought nobody would ever ask! Right, so here's 10 wonderful places in London that I enjoy whenever I can... THREAD!

10. The Museum of the Order of St John - In a pretty spectacular gatehouse next to their medieval English HQ, @StJohnsGate tells the story of one of the most important chivalric orders of the Middle Ages - and how they ended up with the ambulances!

9. St Bartholomew the Great - Way before there was St Bart's Hospital, this Anglo-Norman church was part of a priory ministering to the sick and poor. Hell of a story to @StBartholomews, and so atmospheric it's been used in many films.

8. London Mithraeum - London was founded as a military fort and trading post by the Romans. Years ago, a Mithraeum, or temple to Mithras was found, and when @Bloomberg took over the site, they also found writing tablets! Cool museum interpreting them.

7. St Olaves Hart Street - Church loaded with history. Samuel Pepys buried here, Dickens liked the spooky gate and it was built on the supposed site of a Viking battle. @StOlaveHartSt definitely worth your time.

6. Welcome Collection - @ExploreWellcome is amazing - a Victorian pharmaceutical mogul started collecting objects demonstrating links between man and health, and never really stopped. Now very, very innovative museum.

5. Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese - Seems like it would be ruined by tourists, this pub isn't. Very old, the local of Dickens, Johnson and many others. Pub food downstairs, 'chop house' upstairs.

4. Crossbones Garden - Once, they say, this lot in Southwark was the burial place of the prostitutes of the Bishop of Winchester - he licensed them! Over centuries, it became a pauper's cemetery, & now a shrine to London's forgotten people. Very moving.

3. Dr Johnson's House - Samuel Johnson did a hell of a lot more than come up with the first proper dictionary, and here you'll learn all about it. In the square outside @drjohnsonshouse is a statue of his beloved cat, Hodge - give him a pat!

2. Treadwell's - If you like esoterica and high weirdness, @Treadwells is for you. A fantastic book store and storehouse of all things wonderfully strange - but all taken very seriously!  https://maps.app.goo.gl/sCRDz6PeaWGaokqd9 

Highgate Cemetery - You can walk around the east bit and visit Karl Marx, but the west of @HighgateCemeter can only be accessed by tour, and believe me, it's worth it. Take a camera, for goodness sake!  https://maps.app.goo.gl/7rFLBQYw8GZjn2HYA 

Hope you enjoyed that - truth be told, I could spend months doing threads on amazing stuff in London!

If you're visiting, let me know, I can recommend specific places. One day I might even get off my arse and do tours! /FIN

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