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Peter Thiel grilling Eric Schmidt (2012)

🏭 Google isn’t a tech co anymore
🏦 It’s a tech holding co with $50B in cash and no ideas
🚀 Accelerating tech world + 0% interest = tech yields large multiples
🛍 $AMZN the only megatech giant reinvesting

Today? $GOOG has >$115B cash

Hat tip @real_vijay super interesting

In Schmidt’s defense he cited not being able to hire enough good people and falls back to typical tropes about education.

This only reinforces how obvious it is that new credentials w/ proverse selection must exist

Google is insanely dominant and a modern marvel in the world

The more provocative and useful conversation is how they really could be even many times bigger and more powerful, but are clearly held back by their own real internal limitations to productive capital reinvestment

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