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One problem with the argument “impeachment will just feed trump’s ‘witch hunt’ narrative” is, starving that narrative means feeding trump’s “now we need to imprison/execute the people behind the witch hunt” narrative.

There is no option without an insane trump narrative.

One problem with the “if we impeach now then he’ll be exonerated by the Senate before the election” is, why on earth would the House not impeach him for the rest of his presidency? Definitely the impeachment should start now and last in the House through the election.

The only reason not to drag his ass endlessly and never quite bring it to a vote is “well that’s just not done,” which: ho ho ho.

“Setting a bad precedent!”

Yeah, Republicans really care about precedent.

I’d be OK with this. But if she is, then what she should be saying is “the president should be impeached and we’d do it today, but we’re going to give our Republican colleagues the opportunity to do the right thing and nominate someone else.”

The Mueller report and trump’s clear and obvious crimes are a Republican problem not a Democratic problem and they should be framed as such always.

The problem with so many Democratic strategies is, they are predicated on the notion that Republicans are reacting to what they do.

Republicans aren’t. They have one move. They punch no matter what.

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