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Wildfire disasters have long ravaged landscapes in California and taken a toll on communities across the state.

Yet, according to a new study, the federal government is not doing enough to control the threat of wildfire in the West.  https://lat.ms/2IlscK7 

The president has laid the blame for out-of-control California wildfires on the state’s “gross mismanagement” of its forests.

Years of research have pointed to prescribed—or “controlled”—burns as a remedy.

The method of intentional fire-setting helps clear brush and restore ecosystems. But the practice by federal agencies has declined in much of the West over the last 20 years  https://lat.ms/2Z2Drhf 

In the West, including Northern and Southern California, where climate change and drought have worsened the risk of wildfire, the use of prescribed burns decreased or plateaued.

Read more in this report from @annamphillips:  https://lat.ms/2IlscK7 

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