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WeWork only exists because of Saudi money (as do Uber, Lyft, Slack and Twitter, and many others). Side note: US has locked up and executed more people than Saudi Arabia has.

2. WeWork continues to bleed money yet grew rapidly while hiring thousands of Americans and creating a space for US startups, largely because of Saudi Arabia pouring billions into the company. Ditto with Uber and Lyft who lose money on every ride subsidized by Saudi money.

3. Like US politicians, US founders continue to give lip service to “human rights” concerns while taking massive amounts of money from Saudi Arabia because they know we too lock up and execute people (though many countries, including Russia, have suspended capital punishment).

4. While most of Europe suspended capital punishment decades ago, US still carries out executions and not one 2020 presidential candidate has suggested we ban executions. So how can we expect other countries to stop executing people, abusing “human rights”?

5. Although most nations have abolished capital punishment, over 60% of the world's population live in countries where executions of humans occur, such as US, Japan, China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran…this must change.

6. Using the logic that WeWork’s founder has espoused, US companies shouldn’t be operating in China. Or selling to that massive market. Or buying products made in China. But is that realistic?

7. Using the logic WeWork’s founder has espoused, US should lay off hundreds of thousands of people employed by the defense sector (which is subsidized by Saudi arms spending) which will slow down the building of weapons to protect US from Russia/China. Is that realistic?

8. So before American politicians and founders start lecturing other countries, perhaps they should work to change US from red to green on this map and join Australia, Canada, most of Europe in not executing humans (especially extrajudicially via drones).

9. What are the odds that the WeWork founder lamenting human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia pulls out of China or returns Saudi money 💰?


(And why pick on Saudi but not China? Is he Islamophobic or can’t tolerate being thrown out of China? Or both?)

10. Also this dude: “WeWork took billions from Saudi Arabia and became an untouchable juggernaut and I personally became a billionaire as a result, but other startup founders, especially my competitors, shouldn’t do that on, you know, moral grounds” 😂

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