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Every once in a while I feel inclined to answer. 🤷‍♀️

The New York attorney general has brought accusations against Trump that he engaged in “persistently illegal conduct” and “repeated and willful self-dealing transactions."

See thread in the next tweet.


Here's the thread about the NY AG action:

As far as naming the crimes Trump has been accused of—did you hear the part in Mueller's talk about how the DOJ and federal law enforcement are not permitted to charge a sitting president with a crime?

(3/3) If DOJ policy forbids charging a sitting president with a crime, the fact that the sitting president has not been charged with a crime is not a sign that the president has not committed a crime.


If you missed that in Mueller's speech, see👇

You know that feeling when you think, "I shouldn't do this, but ... ?"

Arguing with a troll is one of those "I shouldn't do this. . ." moments.

This is the brilliance of "whack-a-lie."

It's hard to ignore the lies, but refuting them is futile.

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