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🔥New York! On June 6, pls oppose certification of ES&S's ExpressVote XL barcode voting system by attending:

*The state BOE meeting at noon; &
*The 11:00 AM #SMARTelections rally.

ES&S's current NYC contract was the subject of a CRIMINAL PROBE, & its lobbyist was INDICTED. 1/

2/ Here's a link to the story in post 1 about @PreetBahara's criminal probe of ES&S's contract with New York City in 2010, and the indictment of ES&S's New York lobbyist. 

3/ From 2010: "Two Republican elections commissioners confirmed receiving subpoenas seeking information about the Jan. 5 vote that gave [ES&S] a more than $50 million contract... 

4/ ... Also served was Bronx Republican Party Chairman Jay Savino...
The commissioners’ 6-1 vote in favor of ES&S followed a fevered lobbying campaign in which both ES&S and its main competitor, Dominion Voting, of Toronto, spent well over $1 million...

5/ ... The commissioners picked ES&S, the most dominant American company, even though its machines cost $7,800 apiece to Dominion’s $7,200. The lone vote in favor of Dominion was cast by Frederic Umane, the Manhattan GOP commissioner. Two others abstained."

6/ "Among ES&S’ fleet of hired guns was Anthony Mangone, a Westchester-based attorney and lobbyist who was indicted on Jan. 6 on charges of extortion, tax evasion and conspiracy to commit bribery in connection with a vote-selling scam." 

7/ "Representatives of ES&S' prime competitor, Dominion Voting Systems, have told city and federal officials that Mangone tried to 'shake them down' for money during the selection process, according to one source familiar with the complaint." 

8/ ES&S's former lobbyist admitted to committing election fraud.
"Mangone was called by prosecutors trying Dennis Wedra Sr. on charges of masterminding a ballot-fixing scheme to help Spano win third-party primaries...
Mangone testified that he opened up about 30 Green Party...

9/ ... ballots, filled them in, 'sealed them up' and then had them sent to the Board of Elections, the Journal News reported at the time." 

10/ I don't know the outcome of this criminal probe of ES&S's NYC contract, but NYC did purchase ballot scanners from ES&S that caused problems in the midterms. The City then accused ES&S of misleading them about the machines' weakness to humidity. 

11/ ES&S's latest voting system, which the NYS Board of Elections is about to certify, puts voters' selections into unverifiable barcodes that are then counted as their votes.

12/ ES&S's barcode voting systems have caused much controversy in Georgia, Philadelphia, Johnson County, KS, 

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