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Voting machine vendor ES&S:

* Has donated at least $30K to the GOP since 2013
* Had its NYC contracts criminally investigated by @PreetBharara in 2010
* Has a secret advisory board consisting of election officials whose travel & lodging are paid by ES&S

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* Admitted last year (after prior denials) to installing remote access software in election management systems in 300 jurisdictions it won't identify;
* Installed cellular modems in ballot scanners in Florida, Wisconsin, & IL starting in 2015


* Exposed the voting data of $1.8 million Chicago voters around the time of the 2016 election.
* Was founded by 2 brothers, one of whom moved to Global/Diebold (which ES&S acquired in 2009), where he hired a convicted embezzler to program voting machines. &....


... the embezzler's friend from prison to supervise punch cards.

* Is now selling new barcode and hybrid voting systems that experts say cannot be reliably audited.

* Accounts for 44% of US election equipment.


* Named as its VP of Govt. Relations the former Georgia Election Director who encouraged Georgia to choose Diebold's paperless (unauditable) voting machines in 2002 and who ran Georgia's first Diebold election in which Republicans first seized control of the GA legislature.

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