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I am here to stand up for people who need health care because our government is actively trying to harm them

It is my duty as a physician to speak out politically when the health of my parents is at stake!
What does it say to my patients if their right to safe abortion or even medical care is on the line?
Banning abortion? Turning trans people away? Unacceptable. 2

I help people have pain free sex. I get lovely e-mails saying they would never have had a baby if it were not for me.
You know what I get the most thanks for? Speaking up for abortion rights. Almost daily I get an e-mail or in person
“Thank you for speaking up so loudly” 3

If going to forced birth doctor matters to someone it is good for them to know I am not that person.
I treat everyone equally and never bring up politics. If my patient brings it up and wants to discuss how laws might affect them, I will. 4

Once one of my tweets came up on CNN or something when Trump was lying about abortion in a debate. So many of my patients told me they stood up at home (and in public) and screamed, “That’s my doctor.” 5

The public needs doctors to speak the truth about health care. Not everyone can do that publicly. But lies and bias and evil have no place in medical care. And I will not stand for it. 6

I know many young women follow me. I want them to know I am standing up for them. That they can speak the truth in their way.
If I am lucky enough that people are listening to me why would I waste that peddling anti belly bloat diets and supplements?

And if politicians can speak up about reproductive health I sure as fuck can speak up about politics.

I was very affected by the 2nd wave of feminism growing up.
That we are here now in this time fighting for what we are fighting for is wrong, medically and ethically.
So I am damn well going to make sure I am in the last wave of feminism and we are going to shut this shit down.

It extends beyond reproductive health. Look at gun control! Doctors must speak up. They must honor those patients they tried to save. Preventative care is preventing gun violence!!! 10.

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