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Laura Ingraham gave a Nazi salute at the Republican national convention

“We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.” -Kurt Vonnegut

This guy is making a ton of good points, but then on the other hand we have video of Laura ingraham at the RNC very clearly raising her stiffened arm at the shoulder to 45° fingers together at a political rally toward an image of an authoritarian fascist.

“She’s waving.”


At who?

The truth really makes people mad. #TruthMad #MadTruth #MyBackItchesICantReach #CanYouPleaseGetIt #NoNotThereThereThatsIt


And it’s unaltered. It happened on live TV. Everyone saw it.

There's nothing to agree or disagree about.

The gesture is the gesture. In the context of a political rally it's simply inescapable.

You disagree? OK. If it *were* a sieg heil ... what would look different?

Please, feel free to go find video of Democrats making that gesture.

Not still photos showing the apex of a wave. That gesture.

"The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command." -George Orwell

The reason I keep returning to Ingraham's salute at the RNC is:

1) I think that's the only thing she should be known for anymore.

2) It's the most easily observable modern demonstration of Orwell's quote I'm aware of. Utterly chilling to see it in action.

Every time I see her in my feed, I bring up the *fact* that she gave a Nazi salute at the RNC, and post the video.

Every time there is an army of people who think it's vitally important they tell me that she definitely didn't do the thing we can all see her doing.

"She CAN'T have done the thing we all see her doing, because she adopted kids from other countries."

She CAN'T be a Nazi, because I would rather vilify women of COLOR! I'm positive this is making the point I want to be making here!

Radical leftists will not let me make the points I am, even right now, as I write this, making!

Strange move from the dialogue-wanter, but ok.

help help I've been 'silenced.'

This is not something that is a discussion or a debate, any more than whether or not the ball went between Bill Buckner's legs or if Jordan hit that shot to close the 96 finals.

It did. He did. She did.

There's video. It was live TV. We saw it.

I'm not "debating" reality.

The fact is, in 2016, a far-right extremist with a mainstreamed propaganda program that has a massive audience was asked to speak at the Republican National Convention, and she thought she could make a quick Nazi salute and get away with it, and she was absolutely right.

I'm willing to discuss *why* she made the gesture, and what that says about her, and Donald Trump, and the Republican Party.

I'm not willing to discuss *if* she made the gesture.

Everybody wants to discuss the if.

Pretty obviously it's to avoid discussing the why and the what.

And lest we forget, this is what happened a few days after Trump won.

Gee, I wonder if any of them watch Ingraham. I wonder if she knows it.


Q: do you know the difference between video and still images?

A: yes, you do

thank you for playing, guy who photoshops a hate symbol onto MLK

“The angle.”

Buzz in if you can spot the difference between the waves.

Always some explanation. She’s never doing the thing you just watched her do on TV. She always actually something else, some other thing, totally different than the thing you just watched her do.

Oh no I’ve been censored.

I dream of by some terrible booking error being asked someday to be on that show because I promise you that no matter the questions asked there’d be only one thing I would talk about.

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