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The MAGA hat is a hate symbol, not because CNN says so (*do* they?), but because it is worn in service of hateful message, promoting hateful policy, designed to harm and exclude marginalized people.

It's hard to imagine a more tokenistic use of MLK than to put him in one.

By the way, I don't think MLK would support today's left, for the same reason he was skeptical of the left of his day: their willingness to compromise with racists on the basic humanity of marginalized people, rather than engage with the uncomfortable demands of justice.

Letter From A Birmingham Jail should be required reading, and should be read in public in place of the national anthem at sporting events.

Yes, you seem filled with love.

When King was murdered, he was engaged in a socialist anti-poverty program, yes.

Feels to me like we white people need to have the I Have A Dream speech taken away from us and put into blind trust until we've earned the use of it.

We're using it as de facto proof that it already came true, so that we can have a handy excuse to keep it from ever happening.

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