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Religious fundamentalism masquerading as "feminism"

Worth noting that Farrow has also denied the 800 dead found in a mass grave at the Tuam mother and baby home, as well as defended cardinal Pell. She's a Catholic extremist who covers for the worst abuses of the church.

Why are so many religious fundamentalists who are diametrically opposed to abortion rights appointing themselves leaders in the "gender critical" movement? The likes of Farrow, Triller, and groups like the Heritage Foundation?

To hollow it out and render it useless.

They want to turn every feminist space or movement into another Mumsnet. Hollowed out, dysfunctional, hostile, preoccupied with hate, bigotry, and engaged in endless, spiteful bickering. But above all else, distracted. An ineffectual movement that's energy has been diverted.

That is why religious fundamentalists have taken the reins of the "gender critical" movement, it is to subvert the efforts of feminism as a whole, to work against women's rights through diverting focus by whipping up hatred against a minority that has little to no power.

Trans people have only been a wedge issue for a much further reaching agenda. The religious right is working diligently to strip all LGBT and women's rights. They bank on "feminists" not even noticing them, until their rights have been pulled out from under their feet.

Such feminism, much radical.

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