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Today is day one of the California Democratic Convention, held this year in San Francisco.

14 presidential candidates will campaign for nominations & the state party will choose a new chair after being rocked by sexual harassment scandals.  https://lat.ms/2MguHlU 

Joe Biden is expected to skip the Bay Area in favor of campaigning in Columbus, Ohio. He’s the only top candidate who’ll be absent this weekend.  https://lat.ms/2WzrlP0 

Among the candidates attending is Kamala Harris—though it’s clear that her competitors won’t be ceding her homestate to her.  https://lat.ms/2WgF91t 

Former California Democratic Party Chairman Eric Bauman was forced to resign late last year after multiple allegations of sexual misconduct. A special election will be held to pick his successor.  https://lat.ms/2VXba9K 

The Times will have reporters and photographers in San Francisco covering the convention. Follow our journalists on the ground:  http://bit.ly/2WwJnkF 

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