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The @IndianapolisZoo is a disgraceful institution that should be under investigation by federal authorities.

Their remaining elephants should be sent to a sanctuary ASAP.

And most important, anyone who loves animals should boycott the zoo.


2. Two of your elephants have died and others are sick. Keeping elephants in a zoo is cruel to begin with. Do the right thing and send them to a sanctuary @IndianapolisZoo.

3. If you have an elephant(s) in a zoo, circus, or private wildlife park in the United States, Canada, or Mexico and you are willing to send your elephants to an accredited sanctuary, I will help arrange the funding to transport them.

Please contact me. Thank you.

4. My offer is like the safe-haven laws that allow a parent to drop off a baby at a fire station etc. If you are having a hard time taking care of an elephant(s) but don't have the resources to get them to a sanctuary, contact me and I will handle it, no questions asked.

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