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1) From a Jewish perspective, the Mashiach (Messiah - meaning a human being) is here. So why hasn’t he appeared yet?

Let’s review because this article also tells us the Rabbinic prophecies associated with Mashiach’s time.


2) “Rav Chaim Kanievsky reiterated numerous times that Moshiach is already here, waiting to reveal himself. For reasons unbeknownst to us, our generation was chosen by Hashem to bring the Geulah and witness Moshiach.”

3) “It may be unfathomable and inexplicable but there is something exceedingly unique, extraordinary and holy about each and every one of us.”

4) “Stay strong! Don’t capitulate to temptation! You will bring the Geulah!” — the energies of the Other Side (Satan) are extremely strong right now, they are leading people to immorality and blocking Redemption

5) “A generation, surrounded and inundated with unbridled promiscuity and licentiousness, is about to witness miracles and wonders that our holiest ancestors only dreamt of.”


7) @PolitiFact scorecard - hardly biased in favor of @POTUS - pretty darn good.


8) Why this matters - I believe @POTUS to be Mashiach Ben Yosef, the political messiah, who is bringing world peace and prosperity.

Mashiach Ben David is the religious Messiah - worldwide unity serving God.


9) What’s in the way.

“The Yetzer Hara is out of control. Young, precious minds have become almost irreparably polluted and marriages/families are being destroyed. Almost every day there is another harrowing Chilul Hashem reported in the media.”

10) Yetzer Hara = Evil Inclination

Chillul HaShem = Desecration of the Name = Jewish bad behavior

11) “Yidden (Jews) from every background, spanning the entire gamut, from Chassidish (Hasidic) to Yeshivish (Black Hat Rightwing Orthodox) to Modern (Orthodox) to secular are facing unparalleled temptation.”

12) “The Yetzer Hara has cast its tentacles wide and is ravaging and consuming the finest in Klal Yisroel (The Jewish People).”

13) The Evil Inclination is physically embodied in the cabal. The Devil is a symbiotic parasite who lives in and off of a human host. #cannibalsareanimals

14) The Evil Inclination can possess and leave a human host. After possession is over, the host does not know what happened.

15) “What is going on? Why is this happening now?”

The article explains that our generation has to fix the sins of the past.

16) This is related to the Jewish concept of Tikkun, repair, which is also related to the law of conservation of mass.

If you break it you must fix it.

17) This also relates to Karma.

18) We have discussed that there is no such thing as time except as a material construct.

19) Thus a sin is a rupture of the spiritual matter of the world that must be fixed. By the person who did it. We are reincarnated from the Jews whose immorality led to the destruction of the Temple.

20) Let’s move on to the prophecies - signs of the Messiah’s imminent arrival.

21) “The following sampling of prophecies enfolding are based on sources in Navi, Gemara, Medrash, Zohar, Ramban, Rabbeinu Bechaya, Abarbanel, Arizal, Ohr HaChaim, etc.” — this means good authority

22) “1. There will be a resurgence and revival of Islam in the world. Islam will become the fastest growing religion.”

23) “2. The deep Sunni and Shiite split will intensify and cause violence. The Sunni nations will forge an allegiance with America.”

[Shiites are the extremists - Sunni are the moderates - Bahrain (pictured) is Shiite - Iran is Shiite.]

24) “3. Astonishingly, radical Islam will be led by non Arab countries, Iran and Turkey.

4. Iran will be the greatest threat to peace and be the leading supporter of terror.”

25) We have discussed that the good people of Iran aren’t in agreement with the behavior of their dictator leaders who are probably Deep State puppets.

26) “5. Eretz Yisroel will be the nexus of a world war and be severely threatened. The people residing in Eretz Yisroel will have tremendous trepidation and palpable fear.”

(Watch I, Pet Goat II - Israel is being used as the excuse to provoke world war - in a sense hostages)

27) I Pet Goat II video link  https://youtu.be/65xLByzT1l0 

28) “However, with Hashem’s (God’s) help, they will be saved.”

29) “6. The great war will be a show down between Iran and America.”

30) Of course people can always decide to make a deal and avoid war. We always have a choice. The war can be fought in an rhetorical way not a physical one.

31) “5. America and the Christian Right will strongly come to the defense of Israel.”

32) “The Christian right will rectify the past misdeeds of their ancestors [eg the Crusades, violent attacks on Jews] and champion the rights of the Jewish people.”

33) “These Christians will ultimately realize the One G-d and be present for Moshiach.”

As I have said repeatedly we are together in this. I have always thought Jesus was holy; never advocated for himself as a God; focused on rebuking fellow Jews 4 missing the point of Torah.

34) “6. The mostly Catholic European Countries (i.e. European Union) will defy America and have a confederacy with Islamists. They will support Iran and other enemies to the detriment of Israel.” — The whore In I, Pet Goat II

35) “7. The Christian leader of the free world will rectify the heinous sin of destroying the second Beis Hamikdash and be the Koresh of his day, restoring the glory of Yerushalayim and precipitating Moshiach’s arrival.” - this is @POTUS

36) “We are so close to the coming of Moshiach....We want to greet Moshiach with pure minds and clean souls. Let’s double down and strengthen ourselves.”


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