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Why does everybody asking for proof of obvious things take the exact same tone and use the exact same vocabulary; is there some University of Phoenix sealioning degree everyone is taking?

"Oh? Gravity exerts force upon mass? Can you give one example? Just one? Earnest question. I'm just a seeker, staying open-minded, relentlessly curious, passing no judgement, making the daily conscious effort required to avoid knowing clearly observed things."

"As I thought. I asked you to provide proof that fire burns things, and you refuse. Certainly it's not because the very act of posing such question reveals a...shall we say an eagerness? to disregard any example brought. What a shame that you don't want a Meaningful Exchange®."

As always, I recommend asking such people to prove to you that the direction East exists.

So no I'm not fulfilling requests for examples of how, for example, Trump is a bigot. The question itself reveals an energetic daily effort to not recognize bigotry of any kind, and I have no desire to be the gym equipment upon which someone exercises their deliberate ignorance.

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