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Tolerance for: Nazis

No tolerance for: Water and shelter to people dying in the desert due to deliberate U.S. policy.

Welcome to Republican America.


And if you haven't you must listen to the Border Trilogy from @Radiolab, which lays out just exactly how deliberate the U.S. Government's murder-by-desert has been.  https://www.wnycstudios.org/shows/radiolab/projects/border-trilogy 

We've separated them from their children
We've put them in camps with shocking conditions
Watched over by an organization that despises them
Harboring them is strictly punished

The stories of death that we've heard are just the ones that have gotten out.

It's happening here.

The people pretending to not know about this know what they're doing.

They're making their plans, to someday be able to say "we didn't know, we had no idea, what could we have done."

It is morally unacceptable to be a Republican or vote for a Republican, and we should say so.

There have been in the past political parties of which that was true; we know this.

Logically there will be in the future such parties.

And we have one such party now.

And it's quite true, that Democrats have been complicit in these policies. Far too quick to compromise. Far too ready to find common ground with atrocity and outrage against marginalized people.

We need to demand better of them.

There’s a great trap thinking we can avoid complicity simply by not being Republican. That is obviously a moral imperative, but doing what’s right almost always requires some sacrifice, and restoring justice almost always involves releasing some unjust advantage.

Another trap is believing that “both sides” are the same—an argument that abets the worst intentions.

Which makes it all the more important that we refuse to comply, cooperate or compromise; the sharper a contrast we can draw, the harder such an argument is to make.

It is happening here.

Am I saying we're Nazis?

Something more subtle and grim, I'm afraid.

I'm saying we are Americans, led by Republicans. But what "Americans" means, and what "Republicans" means, is being redefined.

And Nazis are hopeful again.

Look at this. This is a moral calamity.

Realize that once a society will treat people like this, they can do far worse.

And they certainly will.

And they certainly already have.

Support for it in any way—words, beliefs, work, votes—is a moral calamity.

If you're still a Republican, you have your reasons. Those reasons don't matter a bit. The party is what it is.

But it's not enough to simply not be for it.

It's necessary to be against it.

Deciding to support hate for non-hateful reasons is still a hateful decision.

Deciding to support bigotry for non-bigoted reasons is still a bigoted decision.

Your hands still have blood on them even if you try to hide them in your pockets.

And if you have chosen not to be a Republican, or to leave ... good, but remember that is only the most basic moral demand.

Don't fall into the trap of thinking you don't profit unjustly, as do I.

Don't stop looking for your own unjust advantage; don't stop trying to destroy it

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