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Past months I've been behind on keeping it real and following my goals.

We are 5 months deep in 2019. Time to do reality check and start again:

✅ completing what I start
💬 public monthly and weekly reports
😌 daily deep meditations

One of my top personal challenges is starting too many things and not completing them fully:
- blog posts
- video ideas
- new features for existing products
- new products
Etc etc

What worked in the past was:
- public accountability
- planning out with pen and paper
- commiting publicly to challenges like "12 startups in 12 months" and "launching a startup in 24 hours"

Might be worth revisiting this and picking up this approaches again

What works best for you?

Deadlines? Public accountability? Something else?

Really would love to know how you are getting back on track after loosing momentum.

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