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Q: how do you tell the difference between this guy and a guy who’s going to become an active shooter in five seconds?

A. I’ve got some bad news. You can’t.

If I see that guy I am leaving the store immediately and then I’m calling the police.

1st: don't think women aren't considering that first idea

2nd: if you think a potential mass shooter is frivolous nonsense, I don't know what to tell you. I personally think it's better call *before* the shooting starts.

They certainly wouldn't be, if it was just a single call.

But imagine if all 100 people in the grocery store immediately dialed 911 the moment some open-carry dickneck came hoving into view.

Imagine if that started happening every single time an open-carry person appeared anywhere.

There would come a point where it's simply easier to get rid of the guns.

I think that's true. But again, if 100 people in a grocery store all break that law and call the police, are they going to arrest the whole grocery store?

I just don't think it's reasonable for people to carry guns in public and not have people assume they came to kill.

Not in 2019 it's not.

The 2nd amendment doesn't mean I have to sit around and wait to see if some wounded ego with three guns is going to start shooting me before I do anything about the clear and present threat they obviously pose.

To be clear: do not call the police on a black person.

Are you aware that before a shooter becomes a shooter there is a time when they are not shooting, Walter?

Allow me to scoff at the idea that we don't have an obvious problem.

Every bad guy with a gun thinks he's a good guy with a gun.

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