Clint Watts @selectedwisdom Author: Messing With The Enemy Current: @MSNBC @FPRI @SecureDemocracy Jun. 01, 2019 3 min read

1) why is AG Barr doing interviews? Following up on this discussion this morning. As a private citizen and pundit, he entitled to offer any opinion he wants, but from the Attorney General, I expect answers not speculation

Attorney General should represent the best interests of people over party or President, believe Barr should speak publicly announce charges/indictments, testify hearings & rare occasions speak at public events establishing investigative priorities. No interviews, no politics.

Former DAG Rosenstein during his 2 yr tenure handled public statements well IMO. I’m not thrilled with his comments since leaving government but he’s a private citizen and can do what he wants. Mueller has consistently handled this well throughout his entire career.

Find it strange AG Barr, who was critical of former FBI Director Comey’s public press conference, feels its best for the country to do interviews advancing conspiracies

2) AG Barr goes to great lengths to protect President being sullied investigations, resulting conspiracies lacking evidence, but will then create conspiracies resulting allegations against his OWN employees without offering evidence.

Barr admits interviews doesn’t know facts & case, but then says he doesn’t understand why the investigation started, doesn’t look good, offers details - thus implicating his own people without basis. If he wants be called “General” when on the Hill, he needs Leadership 101 course

I’d note, I am not against Barr’s move to conduct official review Russia investigation origins, think that’s right move, any investigation this size would bring about a review, but AG should discuss the findings only at end of investigation.

3) AG Barr repeatedly misleads public about why investigation started, Barr doesn’t mention FBI watched Russian hackers hit 2 former SecState, NATO commander, DNC, DCCC, GOP In spots, media, think tanks - ample reason for investigators be concerned Russia contact Trump campaign

Barr says he’s concerned about spying on the campaign but not once have I heard him address findings Part 1 Mueller Report which provide significant reason for why FBI would initiate defensive counterintelligence investigation

4) Barr casually mentions he’s organizing/looking into how to prevent this happening again (it’s been 5 years, maybe we should get started?). Well that plan needs to be completed in next 90 days. Congress should be asking for his plan to prevent foreign interference by 1 Sep

Russia started the election campaign 3 & 4 QTR 2015, year before election, if they or another foreign adversary were to run the same playbook, the manipulation for 2020 will start in 2019 

FBI, DHS, NSA all made improvements for 2018 did better, but White House DOJ don’t give me confidence there’s a cohesive plan. Question for AG Barr should be “if 2016 investigation unwarranted, what circumstances would a defensive CI investigation Presidential campaign warranted?

Foreign adversaries, Russia, China, Iran, Saudi, any really, could drive USG crazy by making incidental contact with campaigns, pushing conspiracies via propaganda- cause 🇺🇸 really hasn’t done much & doesn’t have this figured out.

With Barr admitting that DOJ is putting a plan together but doesn’t have one, would be good to know how whole USG will war game different influence efforts heading into 2020, then prevent another 2016, so American public doesn’t have to suffer through this again.

5) not seen much discussion of how Barr’s comments subvert FBI counterintelligence investigations & agents. If someone got a lead about foreign adversaries connecting with politicians, would an agent want follow up? (No way I would)

Russia FCI in DC were some most talented national security investigators of FBI. They did their jobs, investigated and now they are being investigated. If I were them, I’d be like, “get me on a white collar squad in the middle of nowhere ASAP”

Lesson for investigators: rules aren’t clear, if you follow lead related election, public corruption, some politician decides selectively dump on you, you’ll probably be investigated, have hire lawyer, may lose your job & your pension. Only few & brave will take that assignment.

6) imagine Rosenstein/ Mueller did TV interviews during investigation said something like,”I’m not sure, don’t understand what/why President did what he did, what I’ve seen so far doesn’t look good”, AG Barr would lose his mind, but that’s what he’s doing to his employees now

In closing, glad to see a small few @GOP members starting to ask right questions, @justinamash regarding obstruction, @BenSasse during last hearing, but GOP needs start asking DOJ questions instead of bowing to Trump, if there’s disaster in 2020, like 2016, it’s on their hands

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