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So. I’m rewatching LOST for the first time since it was on. And ... it’s good.

Much more of it fits than I thought would.

One of the big issues was sorting out the red herrings from the real story.

Only once we had the whole story could we know one from the other.

Easier the 2nd time.

For context, if you don’t know, I know this show really really well. It was my fan obsession.

I had a blog and whatnot.

And, I understand that the consensus is that the ending was bad.

First watch, I disliked the final season a lot. Final episode slightly less so.

I remember it in detail. No brags but remembering complex plots is my superpower.

With that end in mind ... It’s still pretty good.

Perhaps more to say later but one quick thought: the best of them, the moral compass, the true protector, the most beautiful soul, the ultimate hero, happens to be a fat mentally ill man. Which is really cool.

That somebody is my good buddy @mtmaloney and it’s an awesome thing.

The main thing to keep in mind as you watch is that the smoke can impersonate anybody and is lying to everybody for its own reasons.

The other thing to keep in mind is that for better or for worse nobody ever says exactly what the island is.

But the 2nd time through you KNOW that. Which does something interesting to the story.

What that means for a 2nd viewing is that:

a) Every character who seemed authoritative can now be understood to be duped to one degree or another. And sometime those who seem most authoritative are actually the most duped.

b) We are free to understand the island by what is revealed rather than waiting for new revelation—which is VERY liberating.

Because once you stop waiting for the show to TELL you, you can notice you're getting what you need to figure it out for yourself.

Which doesn't mean there weren't frustrating story fumbles, congregated particularly densely around the 6th season and (less acknowledged) the beginning of the 3rd.

Just to say, there are rewards for the 2nd viewing.

You might even say ... We've Got To Go Back.

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