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The only sensible gun law is a total ban.

This is the mistake that people always make. A gun ban doesn't mean you have to go door to door to collect the guns.

Just make them illegal. Confiscate/destroy as they surface. Introduce buyback programs. Those who want to can hide them.

"If you make guns illegal, only criminals will have guns" is actually an excellent argument in favor of making guns illegal.

If you think about it for a minute.

Imagine what happens if suddenly nobody is making guns.

If you can't just go buy one at Walmart.

Imagine what happens if the only guns you can get are what you have, and what's on the black market.

Imagine if it's HARD to get a gun.

And no of COURSE we won't go door-to-door to take arsenals from gun hoarders.

They want that to happen. They dream of it.

Which is why they're hoarding guns.

Let their guns rot.

Don't shoot the beast. Starve it.

Imagine if there isn't a multimillion dollar lobbying effort to make it impossible to prevent or even curtail mass shootings, because the multibillion dollar industry that profits directly from every mass shooting no longer exists.

Imagine that.

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