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Laura Ingraham should have lost all her sponsors after she gave a Nazi salute at the Republican National Convention.


Let's say this *isn't* a Nazi salute.

If it *were* a Nazi salute ... in what way would it look different? Mechanically, I mean. How?

Saying "Laura Ingraham isn't giving a sieg heil in this video" is the same as saying "It's not possible for a person to give a sieg heil."

The motion is what the motion is.

If any of you reading this made that gesture on video, it would look exactly like what Laura Ingraham did on stage at a political rally, after delivering a speech in support of an authoritarian running on propaganda demonizing marginalized religious and ethnic minorities.

What's stupid is expecting anybody to believe that what you are describing is what happened when I can watch the video showing me a very different gesture.

That isn't how people wave.

Quite a lot going on here.

Totally true, that's why every neo Nazi white nationalist when interviewed says they're liberal and support Democratic candidates, and why the tiki torch army of Nazis that occupied Charlottesville called the gathering "Unite The Right."

A lot going on here.

No, that's not quite a stretch ...

THIS is quite a stretch.

And that differs how, exactly?

Please somebody show me a video of a Democrat making this gesture. Not a still photograph. Video of the gesture.

‘Grats to everyone who had “Roman salute” on your bingo card.

It’s literally video

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