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Kasich could be a formidable challenger if he enters for 2020. While Ohio’s economy is seeing its best performance in 25 years, 28% of jobs are at risk of automation and the high income tax burden, especially for low and middle income earners is still a drag factor.

2. Ohio might see improvement with the occupational licensing reform that was signed into law in January. The legislation requires the state legislature to review every occupational licensing board within the next five years, which could lead to the removal of license mandates.

3. A new report ranked Ohio as the 10th worst state for jobs. The opioid crisis and the lack of a skilled workforce still need to be addressed to solve some of these problems. Revising the tax code and lowering taxes could attract businesses as well. 

4. With his vast experience as the governor of a Rust Belt State that is steadily diversifying its economy and seeing some positive returns, Kasich is well-positioned to guide the development of regulations that can benefit other so-called Rust Belt states.

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