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Based on this tweet & my observations of Jessica’s reporting, she is presumably cozy w/ the subset of “election integrity advocates” and officials who I repeatedly take to task 4 their unwillingness to warn the public about concerns w/ new barcode & hybrid BMDs. Which is SAD. 1/

I have no doubt these EI advocates & officials don’t enjoy the criticism. But the fact remains that I was the first to report on concerns with barcode voting systems. Because these officials and EI advocates were ignoring them & many continue doing so, which is NOT ok. 2/

3/ One of my early Medium pieces about barcode voting systems. 

4/ I also discussed concerns about barcode voting here. 

5/ And here. 

6/ And here. 

7/ And if @JessicaHuseman believes the concerns about barcode voting are unimportant, she might want to also take that up with @Politico, which began reporting on those same concerns long after I did. Example: 

8/ Example: 

9/ As for concerns with the new hybrid systems, I was the first to report on those as well (thanks to input from @philipbstark). Which is SAD bc if those 14 people Jessica mentioned (or other reporters) had done their job, I wouldn’t have been the first. 

10/ If @JessicaHuseman believes my reporting on hybrids to be unimportant, she should take that up with Professor Andrew Appel, who cited my piece when he reported on those concerns too. 

11/ Here’s my more recent piece about hybrids. 

12/ And if my concerns are not fact based, Jessica might want to tell the cyber-experts who drafted the new version of the #PAVEAct, which would ban barcode voting systems and hybrids.

13/ Thread w/ screen shots about the new #PAVEAct.

14/ I take many EI advocates, officials, and reporters to task bc so many of them are asleep at the wheel, as jurisdictions throughout the US are buying dangerous new barcode voting systems & hybrids, while concurrently ignoring the overly cozy relationships ...

15/ ... between vendors and elected officials and that just two vendors (ES&S & Dominion) account for more than 80% of US election equipment.

16/ If my approach is confrontational, it became this way only after I saw official after official and reporter after reporter and even some cyber experts give these legitimate concerns short shrift. It will be difficult-to-impossible to “unbuy” this dangerous new equipment.

17/ And it is impossible to negate the pervasive pro-vendor propaganda without confronting it head on. We don’t have the luxury of a lot of time.

18/ And if this means that Jessica’s “clique” complains about my exposing their failure to do their job & continual dissemination of unsourced vendor propaganda, then I guess I’ve made more inroads than I realized.

19/ Back to the crux of why Jessica is so upset. Thread.

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