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Venmo and Cash App frame themselves as tools that make it easy for users to pay back a bar tab or split the cost of lunch. But as young people straddle tight budgets, some are using the apps as crowdfunding tools for bills, emergencies, and daily life.  https://lat.ms/2EQPoid 

Tweets linking to Venmo and Cash App accounts are common in some pockets of Twitter, whether it’s to crowdfund a few hundred dollars for rent, medical bills, DACA renewal fees, a family member’s funeral, and even a couple dollars for a cup of coffee.  https://lat.ms/2EQPoid 

As gender pay gaps persist and racial wealth gaps widen, this has become common in online communities that coalesce around marginalized groups, including women, people of color, immigrants and LGBTQ-identifying individuals.  https://lat.ms/2EQPoid 

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