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My claim about being the 1st to warn the public about the dangers of barcode voting (which I made in response to @JessicaHuseman’s assertion that my reporting is unimportant) has apparently upset some of her election integrity pals who discussed the concern in emails... 1/

... and in private conversations. I’m aware of those emails and some of the private conversations bc I was included in some of them, which is why I knew there was a serious problem w/ new equipment purchases that the public & legislators knew nothing about. 2/

On the barcode issue, my point was NOT that I discovered the problems with barcode BMDs. My point was that I was the first to put the information in one cohesive article and to attempt to inform the PUBLIC about these concerns. I don’t believe that can be disputed. 3/


5/ Behind closed doors, experts were expressing alarm. But publicly many of them were referring to barcode BMDs as “paper ballot systems,” so that the public, media, and lawmakers had no idea there was a potential problem. And that is why I started writing about it.

6/ @Politico began reporting on the barcode concern almost a year later. And yes it took a ton of repetition—by not just me, but also by those experts who don’t suck at their job—to get the MSM to take note.

7/ Another piece of mine discussing barcodes & related concerns - this one from February 2018. 

8/ BTW, I should make clear that @MarilynRMarks1 and @rad_atl helped inform my concerns about barcode BMDs and were trying to alert the media before I published my first article on the issue.

9/ I would never want to take away credit from their effort to move the needle on this issue. As for the anonymous EI advocates who correspond with Huseman, they know what they failed to do: alert the media and public in a timely fashion.

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