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Y’all remember the puppies from last summer?

As of last month, they are YEARLINGS.

That’s basically the sled dog equivalent of teenagers, so we have a lotta hormones on the farm right now. Plus, a whole lot of energy.

Unlike winter, when we’re training the whole team at once, summer gives us time to work more with the dogs one-on-one.

So lately I’ve started a new routine. I bring one yearling at a time into Hari and Refried’s garden. Hari and Refried like the puppy energy, the pup gets some intergenerational dog fun, and I get to focus on basic training (recall, etc) in a quiet setting.

And since y’all met the pups when they were tiny, I thought I could use this time to help you get to know them, too.

So, starting now: Every day, I’ll introduce you to one of the yearlings—their personality, what they like, who their best friends are, etc.

Today’s yearling is Forrest, named for Forrest Gump. He is the son of Willow and Bison. And he is huge!

You may remember Forrest because he had mutton chops as a baby.

He grew very quickly. Here he is at 4-5 months old, all cuddly power and incredibly plush fur.

He has a special corkscrew-shaped tail.

Forrest doesn’t always know what to do with his energy. Here he is so pumped to run that he pulled back on the leaders with his mouth. Too! Much! Excitement!

He had to make a special trip to the vet this winter for giardia and he learned about new friends and slippery floors.

Even though Forrest is only a year old, he might already be the biggest dog we have—and he’s still growing. He’s built like a tank, with a wide back. And he is obsessed with eating.

Here he is visiting his grandpa Hari this morning. Hari was friendly, but Forrest was a little nervous around him. Underneath his wild exuberance, he is a polite boy who doesn’t want to step on any toes, and he knew that he was in Hari’s space.

A polite greeting.

Forrest’s zoomies are reserved. He likes exploring, but he sticks close to familiar territory.

Here is Forrest running away from Hari, who is very gentle, because Hari barked once and it scared him.

Great-aunt Refried is not super social with other dogs, but Forrest bonded with her immediately.

Forrest scores a 10 on the SDSI. He has the softest, thickest fur of any of the yearlings.

My predictions? This kind-hearted giant will be a super steady athlete when he trains with the team next year—and he’ll get along with everyone. My summer goal for him is to learn not to knock people over! Let’s get your affection to be as gentle as your spirit, ok sweet boy?

This concludes our first Yearling of the Day. Tune in tomorrow to meet the next pup. :)

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