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“The plan is for Chicago to be the largest engineering organization outside of our headquarters in Silicon Valley," says James Megquier, who oversees the engineering at the new Google “startup” called Chronicle (he spent nearly a dozen years as a software engineer at Google).

2. I’ve seen at least half a dozen friends leave Silicon Valley for Chicago - some were able to finally buy homes. “For us Chicago is a no-brainer," Megquier says, citing access to talent. "When you're in Silicon Valley, it's saturated in its talent pool. Chicago is growing."

3. Aside from tech giants (Facebook, Google, Twitter) hiring in Chicago, the city has a vibrant tech startup scene, lots of culture, incredible architecture and lots of affordable (compared to San Francisco) housing. Add better food choices + legalized marijuana to the list.

4. And unlike San Francisco, you can actually get in that water in Chicago without a wet suit in the summer. The summer beach 🏖 culture is strong I’m told.

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