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The spring convention of California Democrats drew 14 White House hopefuls to San Francisco this past week.

Blink and you could have been in Des Moines, or Concord, New Hampshire.  https://lat.ms/2WNdt3S 

As part of its perennial effort to gain relevance, California has moved up its 2020 presidential primary, again. This time the date is March 3, which places it after the four earliest-voting states: Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina.  https://lat.ms/2WI4elo 

California is simply too populous—and its donors too deep-pocketed—for the candidates not to appear.

This weekend’s democratic state convention was the largest single gathering of 2020 presidential candidates to date.  https://lat.ms/2WNdt3S 

On deck this past weekend: Kamala Harris, who returned to the Bay Area, joined along with 14 candidates eager to fight on her home turf.  https://lat.ms/2WG8HF0 

Other candidates who made an appearance in San Francisco include Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Beto O’Rourke, and Pete Buttiegieg.  https://lat.ms/2WNdt3S 

In the Golden State, Democratic presidential candidates are hoping to make Californians feel like they matter in the race to 2020.

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