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California sued Purdue Pharma over its marketing of OxyContin, joining dozens of cities, counties and states that have filed legal challenges against the drug maker.  https://lat.ms/2wCf0L7 

In 2016, we published a multipart project investigating OxyContin’s stunning success, and the lives of those it affected.  https://lat.ms/2KpVIRA 

It was based on thousands of pages of confidential Purdue documents and other records, detailing the development and marketing of OxyContin, how executives responded to complaints that its effects wear off early and more.  https://lat.ms/2Igwxy4 

In response to the Times report, a U.S. senator and California representatives called for investigations into Purdue Pharma.  https://lat.ms/2KpVIRA 

Read the results from the Times investigation here, in our full coverage:  https://lat.ms/2KpVIRA 

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