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Oh look! Here’s Julie Griggs, @JessicaHuseman’s other supposedly “Democratic” source posing at a fundraiser for REPUBLICAN governor Matt Bevin! Before Huseman’s reports attacking Democrat Grimes (based on info from Griggs), Grimes was a top contender for governor of KY. 1/

Jared Dearing is @JessicaHuseman’s other Democratic (and thus supposedly not politically motivated) source in the assault on KY’s Democratic Secretary of State, Alison Grimes. 2/

When Dearing made his complaint against Grimes, the top two Democratic contenders for KY governor were Grimes & Andy Beshear whose father (then governor Steve Beshear) had pardoned Dearing's father in 2015.  3/

A few years back, Steve Beshear (who pardoned Dearing's father) was one of only a few Democratic governors to make @CREWcrew's list of the most corrupt governors in the United States.  4/

Andy Beshear is Kentucky's AG, but his top deputy was indicted for bribery.  5/

Meanwhile, Huseman continues to focus on the conflict of interest involving the cyber firm Grimes (D) hired to audit KY’s insecure election system, while ignoring the conflict involving KY’s actual voting machine vendor and the GOP. 5/

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