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Holy ****. Nader is one of the 5 major characters in PROOF OF CONSPIRACY and has a long history of this *exact* crime. I can't believe he did it again. Or I can because it's pathological—but still, he's always bargained when charged with this. Now the feds can really squeeze him.

1/ If anyone in EDVA or SDNY or EDNY or USAO-DC has *any* thought that Nader hasn't told them *absolutely everything* about MBS, MBZ, Zamel, &c, they should be *all over this case* because at this point this guy is a repeat offender, and could go to prison for a *very* long time.

2/ Most Americans will have no idea how big this news is. Nader is *the* key—along with Flynn, the Manafort/Gates duo, Prince, and the Barrack/Kushner duo—to Trump's pre-election collusion. And he is a repeat offender in terms of pedophilia. The nation will be watching this case.

3/ George Nader was secretly in contact with *all four* of Russia, Israel, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia in the final months of the 2016 campaign as he was *repeatedly* meeting with the top brass of the Trump campaign... *in secret*.

I hope folks now understand how big this news is?

4/ The danger right now is almost *no one* in media knows the story of why George Nader matters, so there's a real opportunity for this breaking news to be framed in a *terrible* way that *wildly* misstates who he is and why he matters. He's *not* just a transition-period guy.

5/ George Nader was:

a) a secret Trump campaign adviser
b) who was trying to negotiate illegal pre-election collusion for 4 nations
c) who is connected to every major figure in the collusion scandal
d) who is at the center of nearly every major event in the Trump-Russia timeline

6/ I just wrote a book on the guy—a book including likely the longest biography of him written—and even I would've *never* believed he'd get picked up for this charge again. Not with the heat on him. Not with the eyes on him. I'd have sooner thought he'd be—to be candid—murdered.


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