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My take on George Nader's arrest: you don't pull out a sealed indictment from January 2018 unless your cooperation agreement with Nader has broken down in a Manafort-like way. The feds are applying the screws to Nader now—and it's because of what he knows. 

1/ I wrote yesterday—see pinned tweet—that the election-interference probes continue. I noted that Nader is at the center of them. And now the feds—who'd said Nader is cooperating—are charging him with a felony that may put him in prison for many years. The math on this is clear.

2/ The odds are now good that we'll find out that two of the men at the center of the Trump [non-conspiracy collusion] story—the investigation of which is very much ongoing—have made a similar decision: to go to prison rather than tell all. And that'd tell us all we need to know.

3/ The only thing that'd change my read is if we found out *Barr* was behind the unsealing/bringing forward of the Nader indictment. In that case, it'd probably be both an extraordinary evasion of a prior arrangement *and* an attempt to discredit Nader as a witness against Trump.

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