Asha Rangappa @AshaRangappa_ Fmr FBI Special Agent, lawyer, faculty @JacksonYale. Tiger(ish) mom. @CNN analyst. Editor @just_security. Karaoke, golf, and Shakespeare aficionado. Views mine. Jun. 03, 2019 1 min read

So as if HBO's Chernobyl wasn't enough to make me want to fling myself out of a window, I decided to listen to the Dr. Death podcast on a drive this past weekend and 😱😱😱 I highly recommend as a way of understanding our times 1/

It reveals how malignant narcissm (and in this case potential sociopathy), combined with great power and position of trust, combined with a system that disincentivizes accountability, can result in significant harm to the people the system should protect 2/

And for legal nerds, the difficult legal ?s that arise when people we entrust to uphold their oaths -- and to whom we give great latitude to perform their duties w/o undue second-guessing and intrusion -- cross the line of criminality and should be accountable...sound familiar?

P.S. There is also a hopeful and heartening thread about the important role of truth-tellers in today's society, who have a strong moral compass and continue to take action even when there are roadblocks and they are told to stand down

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