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Today’s Yearling of the Day is a very special boy.

He was the first of his litter to open his eyes.

He was the first to explore, and usually the first to fall asleep, too.

He has one blue eye and one brown eye, but that’s not the most distinctive thing about him.

From the time he was born, we all noticed the single white stripe down his forehead, just like the one his grandma Pepé has. That’s how he got the nickname Pepehead.

His official name is Steger, after legendary polar explorer Will Steger, who was the first person to dogsled to the North Pole.

Steger was the first puppy to climb onto the dog house in the puppy pen, although his siblings soon caught up to him.

He likes truck rides and running with his mama.

Here he is today.

Out of all his brothers, Steger might be the cuddliest.

When I brought him into the garden for his training session, he got so excited that he ran right into the wire fence—and burst through it. He did not even notice.

Lesson 1: fences exist

Lesson 2: Blair has cheese

I wanted to help Steger practice coming when called. We use training methods based on Karen Pryor’s, which means that when we’re teaching the dogs a new behavior, we often don’t use commands at first. We just reward the behavior when it happens naturally.

So for this training session, all I wanted was for Steger to play and explore. And every time he came over to me naturally, he would get a nice surprise (Swiss cheese). The goal was for him to have lots of fun and build a habit of circling around to check on me.

Of course, Flame jumped the fence to participate, too.

Steger is very curious. He wanted to check out all the objects in the garden, like this interesting bin. (We fill bins like this with water around the yard so that it’s easy to go around with a bucket and refill all the dogs’ water bowls.)

He wanted to go under Hari and Refried’s house.

He wanted to go inside Hari and Refried’s house, but he couldn’t quite get his butt in so he changed his mind.

He wanted cheese.

Everyone wanted cheese.

Refried likes to hang out in a special corner, so we went over and made sure that she got cheese, too.

We all had a nice time romping.

Steger scores an 8.4 on the SDSI.

My predictions? Right Steger is torn between running around and getting pets, but as his puppy energy wears off, he’ll be a huge cuddlebug. He’s fearless and curious, so he’ll especially love the chance to run on new, unfamiliar trails.

Thanks for tuning in to today’s Yearling of the Day!

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